Dundee Student Athlete of the Month: Ashlyn Buhl

Ashlyn Buhl

BBy Milan Eagle media

Ashlyn Buhl is sixteen and in the 10th grade at Dundee High School. She became interested in Basketball because her sister played in high school. Ashlyn also participates in Volleyball and Track. Her favorite team is Ohio State and her favorite subject is Government because she finds it very interesting. Ashlyn has a 3.5 GPA. She lives in Dundee, she has an older sister, Hailey, who graduated and a younger brother, Cooper who is in the 7th grade. They have a cat, Mr. Bojangles. Ashlyn’s plans after graduation are in the making, after all, she’s got 2 more years to meet goals and make dreams If Ashlyn gave advice to students considering playing a sport she’d tell them, “It’s really a good thing to be involved in extracurricular activities.” Rod Layton- Girls Basketball Coach said, “ Ashlyn has really developed into a leader for us this year. We are really happy with her progress.”

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