By Norma Shull Smith

There isn’t one person on this earth that doesn’t have some kind of battle they have faced, are facing, or will face. When life is going great it is easy to be filled with joy, but when the hint of a storm comes, we often suppress joy and fill its space with complaining, self-pity, gloom, fear and stinkin’ thinkin’!
Have you ever heard the term, “Holy Jehosaphat?” Well, did you know that Jehosaphat was a real person and he was used by God in the Old Testament, to help us in everyday living? Jehosaphat was about to face a mighty army and let me tell you, he had lots of fears, just like you and I would have if we were the commander in charge. A man by the name of Jahaziel, who was filled with the Spirit of God brought Jehosaphat a message that would change the course of time! That message was filled with wisdom not only for Jehosaphat, but for everyday living for you and I.
Pray, praise and Thanksgiving is how to win the battles of life! When we learn to use these inner tools, people will see our strength and want to experience it as well! God showed us through Jehoshaphat how to become victorious.
First, he bowed down, prayed and worshipped, and then
he appointed singers to walk with songs of praise, stationing the singers not in the rear, but in front of the troops to head into battle!
Jahaziel brought a message to them from God and told them not to be afraid for the battle was not there’s but the Lords!! Did you get that? Our battles are not our own, even though we do everything in our own power to control the circumstances, if we learn to relinquish them over to God, we too will become vicors. What if (___your name here__), in the daily circumstances you face, you faced them with prayer, worship and then move forward with songs of praise?
Those of you who are reading this most likely are thinking….”RIGHT, I just _Put your circumstance here, and you think I feel like bowing down and praying and worshipping and then singing!” “Is she nuts?” I’m sure Jehosaphat was a bit leery too when he received the message, but instead of rebelling and bucking, he came into submission and obedience and did just what Jahaziel told him to do. Jehosaphat trusted God and they faced their enemy head on and waited upon the Lord to win their battle for them, and that is just what God does when we allow Him into our everyday life. Eternity Matters!
Recommended reading: 2 Chronicles Chapter 20

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