Highlights from March City Council

By Martha Churchill

Tired of hearing someone’s loud music blasting through your neighborhood? Things used to be complicated for the police– they could not stop the loud noise except by arresting the person. Now the city council has passed an ordinance allowing the police to issue a ticket for those loud boom boxes. The ordinance, offered by Police Chief Donald Tillery, will hopefully cut down the noise blasters.
The City of Milan has done its banking with Chase Bank for any years. That relationship is coming to an end, as Chase no longer provides teller services and no longer takes large cash deposits. The City of Milan is moving its business to Monroe Bank and Trust on Sanford Road.
The City is purchasing land in York Township to build a classroom for the police, tactical training, and for a firing range. The city plans to train its police officers there. The City of Milan also expects to receive income from the facility, by renting it to county sheriff units or Michigan State Police.
The land is located at 13660 Sanford Road near the Vern Campbell Park. It is zoned “light industrial” but it’s currently being used for farming. The purchase price is $135,000. The City is applying to USDA for a $150,000 rural business development grant, to help with the purchase price and environmental work.
The council approved a request from Moving Milan Forward to hold a block party June 28 in the Morning Glory neighborhood.
City Administrator Jade Smith reported that the new Mexican restaurant, “Peppers,” is slated to open on E. Main in Milan around the end of April.
The filing deadline is April 26 for those wishing to run for City Council or Mayor. The run-off election, if any, will be August 6. The general city election is Nov. 5.

Martha Churchill is a member of the Milan City Council

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