Moore & Minto Building

Photo courtesy of Dave Snyder
Photographed is the basement in the historic Moore & Minto Building located off Tolan Square in downtown Milan. The walls are made of rock.

By Joyce Ervin

A Red Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was hosted by the Milan Area Chamber of Commerce welcoming several new businesses occupying the historic Moore & Minto Building on E. Main Street just off Tolan Square.
Businesses offering unique and diverse services are Laila Kujala Art Studio and Gift Shop, a place where Laila creates her art work and also sells her paintings, prints, greeting cards and jewelry. Moore & Minto Building a beautifully renovated retail and office space, Lotus Healing does healing through natural processes, Ryan Quayle Design is a print and design studio with an established reputation for being friendly and easy to work with.  Flourish Gallery showcases a collection of decorative and functional artwork handcrafted by local artists.  Restorative Health is made up of a team of clinical social workers who offer integrative psychotherapy for children, families, and adults and Fudge Beauty helps women with makeup artistry as well as skin care and grooming.
In attendance was Mayor Dominic Hamden, City Manager, Jade Smith, several members of city council, chamber board members and other businesses owners.
Hamden welcomed the new entrepreneurs and said this was an exciting occasion.  He praised building owner, Dave Snyder, for the renovation.
A highlight of the evening was the tour of the building basement that is several feet thick all built of rock.  The wall of stone is 7 and a half-foot high and runs the perimeter of the building.
Refreshments of cheese, fruit, cookies topped with soft drinks and wine was enjoyed by guests as they viewed many works of art that was on display.
Snyder is responsible for the renovation of apartments and store fronts found on the south side of East Main St. For information on rental space, call Dave Snyder (810) 423-1098.

Joyce Ervin is a freelance writer reporting on Milan.  She can be contacted at:  jlervin42 [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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