By Norma Shull Smith

As I compose this months’ article, I have decided that even though it might raise the dander on some, I feel it needs expressed.
Day after day I see people on Social Media that have situations come up that has impacted their life and they are reaching out to readers for spiritual help. The majority of the people ask for prayer. This is such a beautiful act of love and caring and another way for people to reach out to those in need.
From time to time, a request or response is given that asks for, or says, that they will send “good vibes.” According to the Cambridge Dictionary, vibes is described as “the feeling you get from being in a particular place or situation or from being with a particular person: I’m afraid to go there – that place has bad vibes.”
Pet Peeve: I know their hearts mean well, but when I’m in a dire situation or my loved ones are, I don’t need or want vibes sent my way. I know it is something to say, that lets the other person know you are thinking of them. I also know that not every person prays or believes in prayer. I am not writing this to upset those who like to use vibes, but rather to encourage you to realize the power and peace that prayer brings.
To think that with our mouths, we can enter into the very presence of the God who created all things! What an honor and a privilege. Under the law of the Old Testament, the veil separated the high priest from the Holy of Holies. Exodus 26:31-35. When Jesus died and shed His blood, the New Covenant became realization. Hebrews 10:19-20.
This means that you and I, at any time we wish, day or night, can have direct access to God, through Jesus! With our mouths, we simply come before Him and tell Him what is on our hearts and minds. The Bible is very specific that when we enter into His presence, we should come with a thankful heart. It is always good to give Him praise, and with that being said, He reminds us to come as children.
God is not impressed with big words and lengthy prayers, especially done in public for others to hear, but He loves you and I to simply be real. To speak to Him with respect and awe, and as a friend speaking to a friend.
I have had so many people tell me that they wish they could pray like such and such. May I remove that thought from your spirit, because as long as you come to Him in humbleness, knowing we need a Savior, He will hear your prayers.
Only through the shed blood of Jesus, do we have the inner power that can truly reach across distance and time to help those in need. There is no other way. John 14:6 Eternity Matters.

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