How do you know if you need an Aging Life Coach?

By Marie Gress,
LMSW at Milan Seniors
for Healthy Living

When you think of a coach, you might think of the man or woman on the sidelines of a basketball game.  They are holding a clip board, watching the game intently, and encouraging their players to do the best they can in the situations they are caught up in.
Life coaches are just like that, maybe minus the clipboard.  Life coaches focus on areas of your life that are important to you, create a plan together to achieve your goals, and coach you to achieve those goals. 
MSHL now offers an Aging Life Coach service to help guide you around whatever age-related stumbling block is in your path.  Your mom has dementia and you aren’t sure how to handle her mood swings.  You want to stay living in your home, but you keep falling.  You have always been active, but chronic illness or pains are slowing you down.  You want to downsize, but not sure what to do first.  You are homebound but want to stay mentally sharp.  You are taking care of everyone in your family and you want to find time to take care of yourself.
The life coach is here to tell you aging is normal and yet another period of life we need learn to adapt to.  We’ll help you set your goals, remind you of your strengths, teach you some new tools, have regular follow ups, and develop habits to help you age with dignity.
Coaching is a two-way street, right?  What if that basketball player never got off the bench or practiced?  To work with a coach, you need to have the drive to work towards your goals, the ability to follow through, and the willingness to be open and honest.
Our life coach will always be honest with you.  And if we can’t help you with something, we will find you someone who can.  Also, as part of the coaching program, you can also be enrolled in several other personal development activities:  Aging Allies, Care Partner Network, Grandparents as Parents, Medicare Counseling, Advance Directives Coaching, Medicine Reviews, Group Enrichment, and Nutrition Services.
Life Coaches starting rate is $100/session, but thanks to some generous funders, we ask for a suggested donation of $20/session or a monthly donation.  Your ability to pay in no way affects you receiving services, but certainly helps keeps us going!

Ready to sign up?  Call the office at 734-508-6229 or email us at aginglifecoach [at] milanseniors [dot] org

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