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LemonAID stand raises charitible funds for Milan

LemonAID stand raises charitible funds for Milan

By Joyce Ervin

Before eight-year-old Franklin Barker opened his lemonade stand, he held a Yellow Ribbon Cutting ceremony.  He set the shears down and begin to serve his 13 gallons of lemonade over a series of days.
Many in Milan visited the stand and others donated online with buyers from 12 different states Franklin’s mother, Jennifer Cislo Barker said.
Franklin’s efforts were to raise money for the local charitable institution, Aid in Milan.  He was supported with the help of personnel from Milan Police Department the Milan Area Fire Department, motorcycle club members from Milan Road Angels, Abate Michigan – Region 14, Iron Circle Michigan, and Iron Bandogs- Glass City Chapter, Milan Mayor Dominic Hamden and thirsty people.
After totaling all the donations, Franklin donated a whopping $1,250.
Franklin shared it was hot sitting out seven hours a day over a four-day period by the stand that incidentally, he made after a trip to the craft store with his mother for supplies.  He also researched lemonade stands online before opening for business.
Why did he do this?  His answer, “They help Milan families that just need a little help,” he said.
He presented Aid in Milan director, Star McKenzie, with the money.  He will be receiving special recognition by the city council in the near future.  Franklin did tell Mayor Hamden, he would be mayor of Milan one day too.
Franklin shared his lemonade recipe that might have played a part in his success; Country Time.

Joyce Ervin is a freelance
writer reporting on Milan. 
She can be contacted at:  jlervin42 [at] yahoo [dot] com.\

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