We at the Milan Eagle hope all in our community are doing well during this crisis. We will all get through this together. In order to keep people safe and distanced we did not produce a Milan Eagle newspaper for April. Further months have not been determined as we want to adhere to state guidelines and protect the community. We appreciate all our advertisers and readers and look forward to serving everyone again.God bless.

Letter to the Editor

It’s Friday evening, January 3rd and I am already missing my email from Milan’s Mother Loaf Bakery.
A few weeks ago, Stephanie and Jeremiah let their patrons know that they would be taking
a “bread batical” and would be closing their business as of the first of the year. That’s just the kind of wit and good cheer you could look forward to on Fridays when the email popped up announcing the yummy breads, soup and sweets you could look forward to purchasing on Saturday mornings.
Campagne (country wheat) and Oat Porridge were our favorites. But oh the Focaccia with olives and
garlic was so delicious and looked so beautiful it was hard not to devour it on the spot. Potato & garlic and herb just melted in your mouth. Cinnamon Raison Brioche took the place in our household of the once a year panatone. Now we
had it as often as we wished!
And then, there were the soups. Split pea was always my favorite and I would buy lots to put in the freezer. Dessert you wonder: no one could resist the choco chunk cookies.
Stephanie and Jeremiah found the secret to making wonderful, soulful food; sustaining food that so many
patrons built every meal around. Toast in the morning, afternoon sandwiches, evening breads with soup.
You could tell they worked hard and truthfully every week to put out the kind of products that people stood in line
for week after week.
As I wrote to them: they have been a jewel in Milan’s crown and they will be sorely missed.
Selfishly, my husband and I hope they are just falling back to regroup; to re-design the business so that they can
return to our community and resume the mouthwatering service we have enjoyed for five years.  Until then,
a heartfelt thank you is extended to them for sharing their talents with ours and surrounding communities.
You will be sorely missed.

Michelle Sanford
19505 Redman Road
Milan, MI 48160

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