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Who Can You Trust for Estate Planning?

By Gwen Hodges When it’s time to do your estate planning – and it’s actually never too soon to begin – you may find the process, at first, to be somewhat bewildering. You’ll have many questions: What sort of arrangements should I make? Who should get what? And when? How can you address these and […]

Review Your Fixed-income Strategy as Interest Rates Rise

By Gwen Hodges When interest rates rise, the value of your fixed-income investments, such as bonds, will typically fall. If this happens, how should you respond? First of all, it’s important to understand this inverse correlation between interest rates and bond prices. Essentially, when interest rates rise, investors won’t pay you full price for your […]

Financial Tips for Snowbirds … Present and Future

By Gwen Hodges Winter is here again – which may make you wish you were somewhere else. You might be thinking how pleasant it would be to become a snowbird and move to a warmer climate for the season. Of course, your stage of life will help determine if you are prepared to be a […]

Time to Think About Year-End Investment Moves

By Gwen Hodges Time to Think About Year-End Investment Moves We’ve still got a couple of months left in 2018, but it’s not too soon to start thinking about some year-end investment moves that might benefit you. Here are a few possibilities (although not all will apply to your situation):   Add to your IRA. For the […]

Consolidating Accounts Can Lead to Clear Financial Strategy

By Gwen Hodges None of us can completely control all the things that happen to us. Yet, when it comes to achieving your long-term financial goals, including a comfortable retirement, you do have a great deal of power – as long as you follow a clear, well-defined financial strategy. And one way to help build […]

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