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By Norma Shull Smith There isn’t one person on this earth that doesn’t have some kind of battle they have faced, are facing, or will face. When life is going great it is easy to be filled with joy, but when the hint of a storm comes, we often suppress joy and fill its space […]

Earth is Heaven’s Boot Camp

By Norma Shull Smith From the moment we take our first breath after leaving our Mother’s womb, we begin basic training! The first 18 years for most of us, is under the authority, leading and guidance of our parents. From toddler to high school graduation, it seems there is some type of educational training that […]

Eternity Matters: I MISS MY TIME WITH YOU

By Norma Shull Smith I am in the middle of co-authoring a book that has me deep in the thought of life. Some authors write books known as a Biography. I was looking into root words and discovered Biography is derived from Bio, which simply means in Greek, “Life.” I am not co-authoring a Biography, […]

Eternity Matters: SLATHER ON THE CRÈME FOR 2019

By Norma Shull Smith I have a habit of looking back over the previous year to recollect things that transpired, some bringing big smiles and out loud laughter, to some pulling me into the mulligrubs. For a few years now, I took my daughters suggestion and when good things happened, I jotted them on a […]


By Norma Shull Smith I have really struggled with what to write about for the December edition of Eternity Matters. It should be an easy column, as the season of Christmas is upon us, but the more I thought about what to write, the more I was led in another direction. I realize many take […]

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