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By Mike Sweet, DVM I have been playing with animals and practicing Veterinary medicine for almost 43 years. I have a basic understanding of the animal human bond. I thought I knew all of the pertinent facts about the importance of animals in our daily lives. In this instance I am referring to a dog. […]

Therapy dogs do magic

By Mike Sweet, DVM We were at the Pasta for Paws fund raiser this last weekend. This was held at St Michael’s Lutheran Church in Ottawa Lake. We went because two of our granddaughters, Paige and Katie, were helping in the kitchen and in the dining area. It is always a great experience to see […]

Foreign body surgery and pet insurance

By Mike Sweet, DVM I have had the opportunity to remove several items from the stomach and intestines from dogs and cats over the years. A partial list includes decorative gravel stones, a nickel lodged in a cat’s intestines. A steel fishing leader with treble hook attached, from the stomach of a Pug.  Fifteen ponytail […]

Important to remember how pets affect life

By Mike Sweet, DVM It is the time of new beginnings.  A time of remembering, a time of looking forward and a time of forgiving. Every New Years we resolve to do it better the coming year. Sometimes the best thing to do is to revisit and remember your roots.  The best way to honor […]

Get to know the Yellow Dog Project

By Mike Sweet, DVM Are you aware there is a yellow dog Project? Have you seen dogs with a yellow ribbon tied to their leash? Why do they do that? It is a visual symbol that this dog has issues with something. The answer is it is a visual request or warning that the dog […]

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