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Poisons you should get to know

By Mike Sweet, DVM An ounce of prevention is definitely worth the pound of cure. Prevention is best method to save your pet from an accidental poisoning. You need to keep them out of your pet’s reach. Most of these poisonings are a result of an animal getting into something like a household product. Some […]

Going to the Animals

By Mike Sweet, DVM Here it is the first day of fall 2014. We did not have a typical Michigan winter this summer.  For some reason it did not snow as much as one would think.  There were not as many days above 90 degrees this hot season. There are still as many parasites active […]

Beware the tapeworm

By Mike Sweet, DVM What is about a parasite that makes your skin crawl?  I think it is an innate fear of maggots turning us back to dust. There are some parasites that are zoonotic or capable of transmission from animals to people. The reverse is also true. There are the tapeworms (Cestodes). They are […]

Turbo the Titan brought wonderful memories, will be missed

By Mike Sweet, DVM There are many surprises in life. One of the most pleasant surprises for me came into our practice sixteen years ago. It was an orange and white male kitten. Turbo got his name after being here too long as we were looking for a “good home” for him.  We got him […]

Polish Your Pet’s Teeth

By Mike Sweet Bad breath is one reason to brush your pet’s teeth. Animals including dogs, cats, or horses benefit from some level of dental hygiene. It takes training for the animal to accept brushing.  I do not advocate brushing teeth in antisocial animals that would cause physical damage to owners or handlers. The training […]

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