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Dogs don’t enjoy some of the sounds of summer like we people do

By Mike Sweet, DVM Favorite summer time events are fireworks shows. Living on West Main Street I get to see a sky full of flash, bright lights and thunderous noises as the show unfolds. You can smell the cordite saturating the air and see the mini puffball clouds from previous explosions that are exposed by […]

Why should I have blood test done on my pet?

Mike Sweet, DVM Are you a believer of preventative health care for you and your family members? Annual physical examinations, cholesterol level checks, blood pressure monitoring and healthy living are very important for your soul and well being.   It is not any different for your pets. Having your health care provider doctor examine you […]

Dogs trained to detect cancer

By Mike Sweet, DVM In an article tilted “Can dogs detect cancer?” put out by American Animal Hospital Association; Corinne Ryan goes over some amazing details.  How a dogs nose beats any machine once again. That includes medical laboratory tests to date. She referenced a Japanese study showing everyday garden variety dogs once trained can […]

Famous TV parrot ‘Fagan’ lives in Milan

Famous TV parrot ‘Fagan’ lives in Milan

Photos and story by Joyce Ervin Fans of Public Broadcasting Station’s “Nature” show were introduced recently to Fagan the parrot.  Fagan was featured in the documentary ”Parrot Confidential” and was rescued from a poor environment. He had been neglected and his owner, a smoker, had subjected him to nicotine for years.  Uncared for, unkempt and […]

New dog viral disease

By Mike Sweet, DVM There is another virus in dogs called cicrcovirus. This one may cause vomiting and bloody diarrhea. It has been documented in Ohio this month. It is speculated to have caused death in one dog.   They isolated circiovirus in this dog. It is not known if this is the primary infectious […]

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