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Who Can I Talk To about my seasonal funk?

By Marie Gress, LMSW at MSHL A few months ago, we talked about “the funk.” The funk has many names – seasonal affect disorder, depression, anticipatory grief, stimulus withdrawal, life stressors, and more. It can come at different times and mess with our brains in different ways, but it always feels “funky.” When these feelings overcome […]

Ants on a log a great snack

By MSU extension office Often when children get home from school they are hungry and ready to snack on something. It seems like there is always a lot to squeeze in between coming home from work or school and eating dinner. Michigan State University Extension recommends eating a healthy snack to provide a helpful boost […]

Who’s got the Funk?

Bt Marie Gress, LMSW – Director of Operations // Lead Resource Advocate at MSHL You may start to feel funky in the fall with the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer.  Sometimes it starts as the upcoming holidays overwhelm our lives.  Sometimes the funk finds us right on the holiday, reminding us of a loved one […]

How seniors can keep aging well at home

By Marie Gress, LMSW – Lead Resource Advocate at Milan Seniors for Healthy Living Did you know more than 90% of older adults would prefer to age in their own home for as long as possible?  According to AARP, even if a senior needs day-to-day assistance, 82% still prefer to age in place!  Do you? To […]

Consider alternative treatments

By Marie Gress, LMSW – Lead Resource Advocate at Milan Seniors for Healthy Living When you see your doctor, they frequently have advice to improve your health: “Try these exercises,” “Let’s adjust your medication,” or “This is information on dieting.”  Always take your doctor’s advice on making healthy lifestyle choices or medication adjustments.  Also consider using complementary […]

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