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Editorial: CUBA REALLY?

Editorial by Dr. Ed Enriquez In the mix of all internal chaos that we Americans are experiencing, among others, the insistence of some to perpetuate the concept of race that brings as consequence racism.  The executive power decides to mend fences with a still communist country that has no intension of changing.  Establish a diplomatic relation […]


Dr. Ed Enriquez In a not very surprising attitude the Obama administration decided not to decide about the Keystone XL pipeline construction. There are things that sometimes leave us with the mouth open trying to understand some decision of the government. Raising the question, it is about policy or politics? After all, the evidence points […]


EDITORIAL BY DR. ED ENRIQUEZ When 68 percent of Americans perceive that economy is very bad, according with a poll from Bloomberg, two of every three say the country is going in the wrong direction; it is obvious we are off of course in the direction of heavy seas. Now China accumulate 3,2 trillion in […]

Editorial by Dr. Ed Enriquez

Are We Losing our Freedom of Speech?  For some of us that lived part of our life looking over our shoulder when some have said that can cost us our job or going to jail, our worse maybe disappear forever without due process, to live in a country where freedom of speech is secure by […]

Editorial by Dr. Ed Enriquez:This Christmas don’t pass Christ

Every year more and more organizations try to remove the true meaning of Christmas. Several anti-Christian organizations celebrate their lack of belief and have spoken out against the widely held religious beliefs, that to them should be a time of secular celebration and not the birth of Jesus Christ. The Freedom From Religion Foundation, who […]

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