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The magic of Christmas shared with Milan youth

By Joyce Ervin Milan Free Methodist Church’s Ignite the Fire youth group celebrated with a Christmas party that included a visit to a magical landscape found at the home of parishioners Patricia and Charles Elkins. Elkins has created a Christmas Wonderland in his basement and holds an open house each year.  Children and adults all […]

Editorial: Good Deal or Bad Deal?

By Doctor Eduardo Enriguez America once again finds herself in the cross road of deciding if the agreement with a foreign country may affect the life of future generations and the stability and peace of the entire world. We all want peace, not many people like or promote war on this planet, but what happens […]

The ‘East’ in Easter matters!

By Norma Shull Smith   There is so much beauty upon the earth, but one of the most beautiful is when the sun pops over the horizon each morning.  There is something promising and refreshing about a sunny day.  The sun rising in the “East” has great meaning, as it reflects the resurrection of Christ, […]


Editorial by Dr. Ed Enriquez All this wave of political correctness, more so after 9-11, created a phenomenon that for some, especially some media and some politicians, the individuals otherwise  known as terrorist, are  freedom fighters.  Undoubtedly   that in the last few years we witnessed some nations fighting for freedom, just recently we saw Venezuela […]