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New attractions for Toledo Zoo

By Rod Hill The best just keeps getting better. So when your premier attraction opened last spring after 2 ½ years and a $25 million dollar investment, what can you do to keep your season fresh into the dog days of August? For the Toledo Zoo, the answer is a brilliant second act. Two cute […]

Editorial | Straight talk: ‘Race, Reason for Racism’

Well we arrive to the third of the series, and perhaps none of this makes sense if you did not read the last two editorials. In essence the intension still is to put some clarity and real understanding of all this issue of race that as I said before consumes the fiber of America. We […]

New Chimney Swift Tower in Mary McCann Park

New Chimney Swift Tower in Mary McCann Park

By John Farmer York Township’s Mary McCann Park is home to an object that is leaving park visitors scratching their heads.  Puzzled visitors who stumble onto a tall, thin, gray structure looking like a chimney minus its house are probably entertaining some pretty bizarre thoughts about what it is and what it’s for. (See accompanying […]